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phan mem quan ly nha hang
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    hệ Network FM200(HFC-227ea)

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    hệ thống chữa cháy khí sạch FM200(HFC-227ea)

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    • FM200 (Heptafluoropropane, HFC-227ea) automatic fire extinguishing system is a gas fire, automatic control and fire detection is one of the modern intelligent automatic fire extinguishing system.

      When the FM200 gas fire extinguishing system environment of submerged endeavors, it can be combined with physical and chemical reaction process rapidly and effectively eliminate heat, prevent the happening of the fire, the physical properties of FM200 performance in its molecule vaporizing stage can rapid cooling flame temperature; And the release of free radicals in the process of chemical reaction, will eventually stop burning a chain reaction.
    • Features: 
      1. The fire extinguishing speed, high efficiency, strong initiative.
      FM200 clean gas automatic fire extinguishing system can completely extinguish fire in 10 seconds, usually clean gas fire extinguishing agent FM - 200 relative to the reserve design fire extinguishing concentration is low, only 9%, FM - 200 clean fire extinguishing agent is liquid is stored and can be quickly purification clean fire extinguishing gas, highly motivated to put out a fire.
      FM200 clean gas automatic fire extinguishing system is very suitable for protection of electrical, magnetic media, documents, or high value of collection and equipment, and the protected objects without damage, without leaving any residue after fire, do not interrupt the daily work of protected areas.
      2.The security
      FM200 clean fire extinguishing gas is internationally recognized as harmless to the human body of fire extinguishing agent, non-toxic and will not cause respiratory problems.FM - 200 clean gas automatic fire extinguishing system to release pressure of small, non-toxic, very suitable for resident staff reserves.
      FM200 clean fire extinguishing gas is not international environmental groups included in the stop the use of gas, will not damage the atmospheric ozone layer, the remaining period in atmosphere is only 31 ~ 42 years.
      FM200 clean gas automatic fire extinguishing system for the current environmental protection laws and regulations, so without replacement and duplication of investment in the future.Can also be used in design of the combined distribution method design centralized storage systems, more economic efficient fire protection.FM - 200 clean gas automatic fire extinguishing system is small in size, number of cylinders is little, so can save the area between the gas cylinder or don't need a cylinder.

      FM200 clean gas is to use made in the United States dupont chemical company of technology of synthesis, around the world has tens of thousands of cases of successful application, have been excessive ten years of practice test.On the international supporting design and engineering specifications.
      Fire suppression system FM200 drawing


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